Sunday, 2 September 2018

The Face Serum Cloud 9 - Mancave

So I suppose you could say there has been some main focus on pollution in the world of beauty for some time. I have jumped onto the band wagon and have now considered whether the pollution where I live and work is affecting my skin. 

Without going into a lecture or an essay about pollution and its affects I will give you a few bullet points below:

  • Pollution can affect our skin by damaging cells. Causing Free radicals
  • Pollution in the skincare world can be all around us
There are many brands out there which are bringing out products to stop free radical damage due to pollution and so today I though I would review for you a new product from a brand I love called Mancave.
They have seen the pollution buzz and have brought out a anti-pollution face serum. This serum is to help protect and defend the skin against the affects of pollution.

So what does it contain and is it worth the hype?

I brought the serum a few weeks back and I have been using it every morning since and I have to say I love it.

Like all mancave products the serum smells amazing containing its unique whisky scent. But that's not the main reason to give this serum a go. The serum contains L-arginine, caffeine (anti-inflammatory properties), vitamin e (strengthens skin) and cedarwood oil which helps protect and shield your skin from pollution. The serum also contains Marrubium Vulgare extract, which helps skin to counteract pollution by stimulating the skins natural anti-oxidants. Mancave have kept to their true form with this product being cruelty free and vegan friendly and being made in the UK. 

The consistency of this serum is beautiful. Its a runny gel which sinks into the skin beautifully and quickly. I find it does not clump up or roll off my face with any product I apply on top. A little bit of this serum goes a long way. 

With this serum being a 50ml, you will not run out anytime soon and for £10, you cant go wrong. 

I've notice my skin feels soft and supple and my skin looks more even toned. I would say for someone like myself who never feels settled in serums, this is a winner and packs a real punch. 

Until next time

Joel x


Hi All

This has been a long time coming. First off I'm sorry I have been absent from blogging for some time. Work and career goals have changed over the year since I last posted and I haven't been able to post due to it.

But I am back to post and review as much cruelty free brands and products that I can. Some old brands which I have loved and continue to use and some new brands.

Please check back regularly as I will be reviewing some new products including a brand called Tropic which a kind friend has introduced me to.

Hope you've had a great summer and are enjoying the remaining sun.

Till next time

Joel x

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


So I came across this brand a few weeks back by stumbling upon a review through another blog I enjoy reading. I was so intrigued by the name of the brand and the packaging and ingredients that I had to contact them and ask if they would let me try them out. So they kindly sent me there current skincare range.

I am going to go through the range with you and my thoughts as I have been using them for 3 weeks so far.

Stoer is a man's skincare brand which originates from Scotland. The logo (symbolizing antlers) gives the brand heritage. Made and born from Marianne Morrison. She found through research and speaking to previous men that the enviroment played a part in their different concerns. So she turned to the name Stoer. A village in Scotland which she has family roots in and a place that can experience all types of weather.

So I am going to give you a short review and my thoughts on these products.

First off is the foaming cleanser.
This cleanser is your usual gel face wash. Rub into damp hands and massage into the face and rinse off. The cool thing about this wash is it doubles up as a shave gel as well. I usually don't like products that claim to do the two as I'm a shave hater and they don't always give me a close shave. However I was pleasantly surprised with the shave pay off and the cleanser gives me the feel and look of a cleansed face with no tight or dehydrated feeling.

Firm and Protect Serum
The great thing about Stoer is the Clima5 Technology which is exclusive to Stoer. This technology contains five plant actives from four continents. Wakame from Japan to beat pollution. Barbary fig from Mexico to combat stress. Alpine plant stem cells to firm. Baobab leaf from west Africa to help with wrinkles and finally Peat Moss from Scotland for hydration. 

The Clima5 Technology has by far made a difference to my skin and I've fallen in love with this technology. This is what's contained in the products and moves me into the firm and protect serum.
This serum is a great way to boost your skin with active ingredients with great results. The pump dispenser means it's protected from air and contamination and helps give just the right amount of product. It's a runny lotion consistency and sinks into the skin beautifully. Stoer claim this to be a moisturiser and serum in one but for me I feel like my skin needs a moisturiser on top or an spf (Stoer do have one in the pipe line).

With this they have produced an eye serum. Again in a pump dispenser and has a runny gel like consistency. I love the feel of this around my eyes and I've noticed my eyes to look more hydrated and uniform (no dark circles or bags for me). I would say this has to be one of the brands most shouted product.

Face Scrub
What's a skincare regime without a face scrub. The detox scrub is a little gem.This scrub contains mineral and volcanic exfoliants which means no micro beads (remember micro beads harm our ocean and ocean life). So this has been given the big thumbs up from me. I find this scrub joyful to use and it definitely makes my skin feel clean and smooth afterwards. It feels very gritty but its not at all harsh. 

Finally I want to finish off with my favourite product from the range. The power mask.

For me masks are a power tool. something that everyone should use at least once a week (I tend to mask 2-3 times a week). Masks can really help the skin and focus on specific concerns. This power mask is a light gel like cream which you place on your skin and leave on for ten minutes. Stoer also recommends using this as an overnight treatment. something I have not tried as of yet. So why do they call it a power mask? Well this mask contains a huge amount of vitamins. A,C,E and pro vitamin B5. Again this contains the Clima5 technology. So this is a great mask to pop on your skin after a shave or after using the scrub. Its made my skin feel soft, smooth and more healthier looking.

So there you have it. Stoer is a brand worth the time in the bathroom and worth splashing your cash on. This brand has done its research and work and I have had a great pleasure using and trying. I would like to thank the company for their kindness of sending me this range and I must say if this was not sent to me I still would have brought the brand and reviewed it for you all due to its heritage and ingredients. Please note that this is my thoughts and results on the brand and products and I was not paid to express a certain opinion.

If you have any questions about these products or comments please write them below and I would be more than happy to help.

Until next time

Joel x

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Hold Diamonds

So I came across this fantastic brand called The Hero Project. What I love about this brand is it stands for all the things I long for from a brand. They are vegan friendly, they do not test on animals and do not contain parabens and mineral oil. With this in mind I brought their new hand cream called Hand Rehab.

So today I am reviewing this fantastic hand cream.

I'm always on the hunt for a great hand cream that holds in the hydration department and keeps my hands looking ageless. So when I received an email from The Hero Project showing a new sparkling Hand Cream I knew I had to grab my hands onto one.

So what makes this hand cream so fantastic? The ingredients and quality are top notch.

We have some Aloe Vera and Hylaronic acid. Two great ingredients which help to keep hands hydrated and soft. There is also another ingredient which does baffle me. It sounds like a gimmick, I first thought but I thought what's the harm in trying it out (I have to be honest and say I love to try anything new). Diamonds! Diamonds I hear you say, in a hand cream? Yes you did read that right. This hand cream contains diamond dust which helps to exfoliate the hands and keeping them looking perfecto. Please note that when I say exfoliated, there is no feeling of grit or a formula like a hand scrub. This hand cream has a great texture which I will move onto in a few moments. Finally this hand cream has sun protection. Something I find hard to find around the beauty shelves and online sites. Spf 20 in this hand cream makes it a great companion in your bag when you are out and about. 

So all sounds good so far. But what about the texture and feel of this cream? Well its all good still. This hand cream is rich and for me a small bit does go along way. I do find it needs some seconds to soak in but once it has, my hands feel like silk. Soft and hydrated and the finish lasts for some time. It has a light pleasant smell as well which will not offend or intrude on your day or your fragrance.

This hand cream has become a favourite and has taken place on my go to hand creams (and I have many to try). 

Please check this hand cream out at: and for a £15 you cant go wrong.

Till next time

Joel x

Monday, 10 April 2017

A long time gone

So it's been a long time since I last put up a post on my blog and I want to apologise. Much has happened since my last post which was my skincare routine and my routine has changed since then.

However I am going to be posting some new reviews for you in the next few weeks and would love your thoughts and comments on them.

Please stay tuned.

Joel x

Friday, 30 October 2015

Current Skincare Regime - Part One

Hi all. So as promised in my last post, I am here today to tell you about my current skincare regime.

I have decided to split this into two posts, so I can give you a proper, detailed review.

Pleased be aware that this works for me and I have been using these products in this order for the last month- two months. I do exfoliate twice a week and apply a mask twice a week. But in my two posts I will be looking at cleanser, serum, moisturiser and eye cream

So to start off my cleanser. Eyre Active Enzyme Cleanser is what I use to take off the dirt of the night/day. For me this brand is a brand I've sampled before but never actually properly tried. I finally gave in to temptation and ordered it. I went for the 50ml travel size as I wasn't sure what to except and being Eyre is an Austrailian brand, I didnt want to get it shipped over to find I've wasted alot of money and my skin might react. How wrong was I! This has been one of the best cleansers I have ever used. Why? I here you say. Please read on and I will tell you.

The consistancy of this cleanser is like a cream but has more of a gel touch once on the skin. It doesn't really lather but one pump is all you need. The smell is light and lemony to me and I just love how clean I feel afterwards with no tightness or drying what so ever. 

The ingredients give it a real punch to the cleaning power.  Salicylic acid from organic white willow bark  helps exfoliate clogged pores and reduce blemishes. Chlorophyll from organic spirulina inhibits bacteria growth and nourishes and tones the skin. This cleanser is also sulphate and paraben free which is an added bonus. I defiantly would re-purchase this as my skin has appeared more clean, smooth and less breakouts.

Next up after I cleanse is my serum. Please note - I usually use a toner but I've tried leaving one out for the last two-three weeks to see how my skin is after I've cleansed with the Eyre cleanser.

I love Ren and they are one of the brands which I have huge respect for in the skincare realm. They are ethical and use natural ingredients and care for animals as well as the environment (no palm oil here - Amen!). However I do go back and forth with their products (though not with their masks as they are top notch). The radiance perfection serum is something I've tried before but like Eyre I never purchased - Until now. 

This serum is rather runny than I expected however the 30ml will last a lot longer than I thought due to this as the less is more approach rings true. I like how quickly my skin absorbs it and how one pump is enough for my face and neck. This serum is designed to boost the skin's energy cycle and help even the skin tone whilst adding radiance.

The ingredients like my cleanser is what I fell in love with. Papain from a Mexican papaya helps to exfoliate the skin and reduce inflammation. Glycogen from fruit sugar and Magnesium from Olivine boost skin energy and radiance. That's a few of some of the great ingredients.

This serum has helped even my skin tone and I never seem to look dull or fatigued in the face. One serum worst investing in and I'm glad I did.

So That's all I am going to say for today. In my next post I will share with you my current moisturiser for day and night. As well as my current eye cream.

Until next time.

Joel x

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Hi all.

I wanted to post a little and apologise for my very long absence on my blog and not reviewing anything or updating it. I have since my last post been focused on a new career adventure which has yet to be finalised and a new performing event I am currently working on. As well as work and the normal day to day life.

I am going to continue this blog as A Gentle-Man is still close to my heart as is my fascination and love for skincare and all grooming. I will be posting on Friday a post about my current skincare routine which has changed since I last spoke about it and next week I will follow with a post about one of the products I am currently using and love.

So please stay with me and pop back on Friday for a look at what's keeping my skin in check :)

Joel x